Sunday, February 4, 2007

Subway Sandwhich of Death.. and Superbowl Party.. without the food.

So far, this hasn't been so easy. Friday I had band solo and ensemble competition, and every year me and a few friends go to Fat Boy's Barbecue. Great place. So I knew I wouldn't be able to afford it, so I went to United. I kinda went all out this meal and had a burrito ($.86), and a $.25 coke (I figured that I could go out a bit on this day because I had only spent $4.75 so far. Well, that was good, the burrito was AWESOME, and I got lots and lots of free condiments at the sit down place in United. As for the Subway sandwich of death.. last night (Saturday) I was at my girlfriends, and her mom was going to get her food. She asked if I wanted anything, so of course I said no. About 20 minutes later she returned with food for Paulette (and me). So what am I to do.. I didn't want to be rude. So I ate the sandwich. Now.. The price was $5.99, I added $.825 cents to each dollar, divided by two for a grand total of $3.25 (because I only ate half of it, the other half was for Paulette. So the reason I'm in trouble is, I have spent $9.11 so far.. and I'm behind. I hope that I can squeeze in a few extra days on what I have right now, closing that gap by the end of the month. Besides that, today was super bowl Sunday. I went to a friend's house, who had nachos, pepper things wrapped in bacon, all kinds of dips, chips, and drinks. I resisted (barely) even though the first thing said when I walked in was "Geoff come try this it's amazing". I'll try to keep updated more, my internet was out but is up and running as of today.

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