Saturday, February 17, 2007

So.. day 17

I have not updated in a while because.. nothing interesting has happened. I've eaten mostly beans and rice this past week.. and some small things I still need to add up. This is pretty easy now.. just getting bored of beans.. lol.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Some math (day 10)

+ .25 (chocolate milk carton)
.59 (rice)
2.59 (more spaghetti sauce and peanut butter)
1.09 (2 loaves bread)
2.00... gotta find my receipt for beans.. is was less but lets call it $2.00 until
$17.62. I have enough food to last a while, but I'm not sure for a week! Well have to see how it goes.


My legs joints and feet are KILLING me today. I got multivitamins and I am getting some calcium and potassium supplements tonight. I don't count this as food money.. because I'm not getting full off of them... judging on my size I probably need to have some though because I think I could do some damage if I'm not careful. I know just any bum couldn't get vitamins, but my experiment here wasn't really about pain.. now I see why girl are like they are when cramping.. haha.. but its just my legs.

Thursday, February 8, 2007


Today I picked up some rice at the store ($.59).. for a pound. Not bad at all. I also cooked my spaghetti noodles and mixed some butter and salt, they were pretty good. I think I'm going to make fried rice tomorrow. I got some free samples at united, they were SO GOOD! Chicken and ribs... only a little taste tho. I also got about 3 more free cookies lol.. chocolate chip this time, my favorite. I went to McDonald's and asked for sugar, they gave me splenda.. but I can't really complain going thru the drive through just for sugar. Then I went to the Burger and got a lot of salt and pepper. Today was productive.. I think I will be able to catch up with myself with the noodles, rice, 4 hot dogs, roman noodle package, and little bit of peanut butter I have left. For those of you worried about me dying, I hear that if you mix some sorta beans with rice its a protein substitute. I'll prolly look for those beans tomorrow.
On another note, people are giving me so much crap about doing this! Someone in English said it was pointless and stupid.. like straight up in front of the class.. I have my reasons for doing this, it's a test of will power, and an experiment, and I am already viewing food/money differently. I think good will come out of this for me personally.. and I DON'T REALLY CARE what everyone else gets out of it or thinks of it!


I have lost 9 pounds. I know that probably is not good in a week.. but I'm not attempting to lose weight.. it comes with eating less than usual I suppose.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Still day seven...

So those four cookies I got from united are actually holding me up for the night. I ate an early supper, and I knew I would be hungry again before I went to bed. But after eating those cookies, I am not all that hungry, and actually deciding to hold of until tomorrow. I know that four cookies at once aren't all that good for you, especially being sugar cookies.. but I don't care! They were so good! Mom made me pick up some milk along with some other things.. and how I wanted to just open the milk right there and start chugging (although I read it's impossible to drink a whole gallon of milk at once.. I'm not quite sure!). Oh and just for some background.. I absolutely LOVE milk.. its my fav. drink and ask anyone that knows me and they'll tell you I drink ridiculous amounts of chocolate milk daily. I suppose tomorrow is a big day, the one week mark! Honestly I am getting used to it already, and if I hadn't of been a dumb a$$ and spent way to much money last weekend I would be set. I'm going to catch up pretty soon.. Oh and anyone know any foods to make with ONLY spaghetti noodles?? lol.. I suppose I could buy some more sauce... but that would cost money! Now before I go.. some math..

What I have spent!!
1. $4.75 -- Loaf of bread, peanut butter, 8 hot dogs, 7 roman noodles
2. $.86 -- burrito
3. $.25 -- cheap coke
4. $3.25-- subway sandwich of death
5. $1.99-- spaghetti and sauce

Total= $11.10.

Day seven (later..)

AHhh!! Free united cookies! I made Paulette jack 4 of the free samples so I have some cookies!! yay.. Considering I have had no real sugary foods (I realize bread and noodles do have sugar but I mean the kinda sugar u know is sugar).

Day Seven.. answering some questions.

To clear up some things about bumming food.. How I see it is if any bum on the street can get it, then its free game. But any bum on the street can't walk up to Paulette's mom and get subway. That would make it TOO easy I think for someone with many friends.. So my "rules" for it are that if ANYONE can get it, then its free game. If someone offers, then it's a no go. I am not trying to save money, if I were then I would just eat at home normal and not have to pay anyways. So yeah.. that's why I haven't been taking the free food (although any free samples at united are good, so I'm going to find out when free sample day is!). Oh.. and my current weight as of this morning was 134.5. Meaning I lost about 7-8 pounds! I'm going to verify this probably tomorrow because it was on a different scale then I first weighed myself, but I believe they are both accurate.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Day 6.. average day

Today was just normal.. I ate spaghetti and a hot dog for lunch, and spaghetti for dinner. I'm out of bread except for a heel (spel?)... that sucks. I was about to get some food just now before going to bed, but I really have to catch up again. I'm gonna have to stop eating whenever I want to.. which is very difficult. I'm craving chocolate/chocolate milk SO BAD. I'm over the caffeine withdrawals (headaches) which I don't think I ever mentioned, but they never really got bad, if thats the reason I was having headaches at all. I see things a lot differently now that I can't eat whatever I want.. people I don't realize that food is a big part of being comfortable and 'normal'.. people are still criticizing me for not eating right.. it seems to bother them more then it does me. My plan for the next couple of days is to cut back on eating, and catch up on how much I've spent with days.

Monday, February 5, 2007

Day Five.. SPAghetti day.

So today I started off with some roman noodles for lunch, along with some toast with peanut butter and honey. I was really full after eating that (that was for lunch), but did not really feel slow or sleepy as I usually am when I eat too much at lunch. I actually felt sort of hyper in 5th hour. Tonight I made spaghetti, which was really good for less then 2 dollars, and I'm sure I can make it last atleast 3-4 days. I need to gain a few extra days because I am still kinda behind. I have spent $11.10 so far, and I still have spaghetti that will last a few days, a couple of roman noodles, some break=d and peanut butter, and 5 or 6 hot dogs. I am really growing to hate the hot dogs.. just the thought of them makes me want to vomit.. Haha. I want to find some milk on sale very badly.. although because I am a bit behind I won't be able to splurge on anything like that most likely. I'm going to try to do my posts earlier in the day so they make more sense and are less rushed, I am busy with school.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

side thoughts..

A couple more things about eating.. I feel like snacking all the time. It must be quite a habit, because even after writing all of that, I thought about getting something.. and I realize I have nothing to 'snack' on. Also, every big meal seems like it's a once in a lifetime thing. I had pressure about eating Fat Boy's because it's a tradition. I had pressure to not be rude and eat what someone brought. I had pressure to try the new recipes my friend's mom made for the party, and my dad cooked some of my favorite food. I never appreciated it before.. but eating whatever I want whenever I want is awesome.. compared to only eating when I should or really need to.

Subway Sandwhich of Death.. and Superbowl Party.. without the food.

So far, this hasn't been so easy. Friday I had band solo and ensemble competition, and every year me and a few friends go to Fat Boy's Barbecue. Great place. So I knew I wouldn't be able to afford it, so I went to United. I kinda went all out this meal and had a burrito ($.86), and a $.25 coke (I figured that I could go out a bit on this day because I had only spent $4.75 so far. Well, that was good, the burrito was AWESOME, and I got lots and lots of free condiments at the sit down place in United. As for the Subway sandwich of death.. last night (Saturday) I was at my girlfriends, and her mom was going to get her food. She asked if I wanted anything, so of course I said no. About 20 minutes later she returned with food for Paulette (and me). So what am I to do.. I didn't want to be rude. So I ate the sandwich. Now.. The price was $5.99, I added $.825 cents to each dollar, divided by two for a grand total of $3.25 (because I only ate half of it, the other half was for Paulette. So the reason I'm in trouble is, I have spent $9.11 so far.. and I'm behind. I hope that I can squeeze in a few extra days on what I have right now, closing that gap by the end of the month. Besides that, today was super bowl Sunday. I went to a friend's house, who had nachos, pepper things wrapped in bacon, all kinds of dips, chips, and drinks. I resisted (barely) even though the first thing said when I walked in was "Geoff come try this it's amazing". I'll try to keep updated more, my internet was out but is up and running as of today.

Eating for a Dollar a Day

Eating for a dollar a day (Day 1)

I ran across a site where a guy went a month only $30 (a dollar a day) for food, and it souded like an interesting idea. After talking to my friend luke, he was into the idea also, so we kinda went together into it. I have a few personal reasons for doing this 'social, economical, and pschological experiment'. I'm curious if I can/will stick with it. I love eating.. and not cheap. I have no need or want to lose weight, although I'm curious to see what my weight will do over the month (I currently as of a few hours ago, weigh 145 pounds. While weighing myself i realized I had gained a bit of weight recently... I told my girlfriend I had :| ). I'm interested to see how people react to the idea, which I already find out people like to give me a hard time about it, saying I won't go through with it, taking a bite out of my sandwhich which is all I will eat until later, etc. It's funny.. It seems to make people uncomortable that i'm not eating quite normally, when usually I eat too much and probably not healthily. A couple of days ago we went shopping (wow..) together for grocery type items. Now this is something I'm not quite sure i've ever done on my own, but when a dollar a day is your buget, one notices a lot. I purchased 1 loaf of bread, 7 roman noodle packets, Hot dogs, and peanut butter. This all together cost $4.75, which I think was pretty good. This morning, I had a peice of bread with peanut butter on it for 'breakfast'. For lunch I also had a sandwhich with peanut butter, and was only a bit hungrier then I normally am by the time i got outta school. I came home, immediately fixing some raman noodles. They were pretty good at the time, I have always liked them though. After a bit I was still hungry, so i fixed a hot dog in the microwave and had a peice of bread around it like a make shift 'bun' (you all know you've done this before when someone takes the last hotdog bun). Right now (almost 11 Pm) I feel a bit hungry.. I can't really eat anything else if what i have bought is to last me roughly 5 days... so i'll hold off. I am really craving milk right now.. it sounds so good. I love milk normally.. I really hope I can find some on sale tomorrow. It's off to bed for me, maybe i'll dream of some good food. Oh.. and I only had one of my hot dogs, and i'm already getting skeptical. Yeah, it filled me up ok.. but it never seemed to quite settle in like it should.