Sunday, February 4, 2007

Eating for a Dollar a Day

Eating for a dollar a day (Day 1)

I ran across a site where a guy went a month only $30 (a dollar a day) for food, and it souded like an interesting idea. After talking to my friend luke, he was into the idea also, so we kinda went together into it. I have a few personal reasons for doing this 'social, economical, and pschological experiment'. I'm curious if I can/will stick with it. I love eating.. and not cheap. I have no need or want to lose weight, although I'm curious to see what my weight will do over the month (I currently as of a few hours ago, weigh 145 pounds. While weighing myself i realized I had gained a bit of weight recently... I told my girlfriend I had :| ). I'm interested to see how people react to the idea, which I already find out people like to give me a hard time about it, saying I won't go through with it, taking a bite out of my sandwhich which is all I will eat until later, etc. It's funny.. It seems to make people uncomortable that i'm not eating quite normally, when usually I eat too much and probably not healthily. A couple of days ago we went shopping (wow..) together for grocery type items. Now this is something I'm not quite sure i've ever done on my own, but when a dollar a day is your buget, one notices a lot. I purchased 1 loaf of bread, 7 roman noodle packets, Hot dogs, and peanut butter. This all together cost $4.75, which I think was pretty good. This morning, I had a peice of bread with peanut butter on it for 'breakfast'. For lunch I also had a sandwhich with peanut butter, and was only a bit hungrier then I normally am by the time i got outta school. I came home, immediately fixing some raman noodles. They were pretty good at the time, I have always liked them though. After a bit I was still hungry, so i fixed a hot dog in the microwave and had a peice of bread around it like a make shift 'bun' (you all know you've done this before when someone takes the last hotdog bun). Right now (almost 11 Pm) I feel a bit hungry.. I can't really eat anything else if what i have bought is to last me roughly 5 days... so i'll hold off. I am really craving milk right now.. it sounds so good. I love milk normally.. I really hope I can find some on sale tomorrow. It's off to bed for me, maybe i'll dream of some good food. Oh.. and I only had one of my hot dogs, and i'm already getting skeptical. Yeah, it filled me up ok.. but it never seemed to quite settle in like it should.

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