Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Day Seven.. answering some questions.

To clear up some things about bumming food.. How I see it is if any bum on the street can get it, then its free game. But any bum on the street can't walk up to Paulette's mom and get subway. That would make it TOO easy I think for someone with many friends.. So my "rules" for it are that if ANYONE can get it, then its free game. If someone offers, then it's a no go. I am not trying to save money, if I were then I would just eat at home normal and not have to pay anyways. So yeah.. that's why I haven't been taking the free food (although any free samples at united are good, so I'm going to find out when free sample day is!). Oh.. and my current weight as of this morning was 134.5. Meaning I lost about 7-8 pounds! I'm going to verify this probably tomorrow because it was on a different scale then I first weighed myself, but I believe they are both accurate.

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Scott said...

"If any bum can..." That sounds fair.