Thursday, February 8, 2007


Today I picked up some rice at the store ($.59).. for a pound. Not bad at all. I also cooked my spaghetti noodles and mixed some butter and salt, they were pretty good. I think I'm going to make fried rice tomorrow. I got some free samples at united, they were SO GOOD! Chicken and ribs... only a little taste tho. I also got about 3 more free cookies lol.. chocolate chip this time, my favorite. I went to McDonald's and asked for sugar, they gave me splenda.. but I can't really complain going thru the drive through just for sugar. Then I went to the Burger and got a lot of salt and pepper. Today was productive.. I think I will be able to catch up with myself with the noodles, rice, 4 hot dogs, roman noodle package, and little bit of peanut butter I have left. For those of you worried about me dying, I hear that if you mix some sorta beans with rice its a protein substitute. I'll prolly look for those beans tomorrow.
On another note, people are giving me so much crap about doing this! Someone in English said it was pointless and stupid.. like straight up in front of the class.. I have my reasons for doing this, it's a test of will power, and an experiment, and I am already viewing food/money differently. I think good will come out of this for me personally.. and I DON'T REALLY CARE what everyone else gets out of it or thinks of it!


SteveSchalchlin said...

Beans are an excellent source of protein. And if you buy them from the FOOD department and COOK them, rather than buying expensive pre-cooked beans, you can make your money go farther.

Scott said...

Jill says check out the generic chicken pot pies in the frozen section of the grocery story (you have to cook them in the oven). They used used to be real cheap - probably still are. Also, look into frozen burritos. You used to be able to buy a big sack of them. Speaking of sacks, buy a sack of potatoes. You can boil them, mash them, stick 'em in a stew. LOL

You can fry the potatoes with the butter you have, get free ketchup at McDonalds and that should be a good meal.