Monday, February 5, 2007

Day Five.. SPAghetti day.

So today I started off with some roman noodles for lunch, along with some toast with peanut butter and honey. I was really full after eating that (that was for lunch), but did not really feel slow or sleepy as I usually am when I eat too much at lunch. I actually felt sort of hyper in 5th hour. Tonight I made spaghetti, which was really good for less then 2 dollars, and I'm sure I can make it last atleast 3-4 days. I need to gain a few extra days because I am still kinda behind. I have spent $11.10 so far, and I still have spaghetti that will last a few days, a couple of roman noodles, some break=d and peanut butter, and 5 or 6 hot dogs. I am really growing to hate the hot dogs.. just the thought of them makes me want to vomit.. Haha. I want to find some milk on sale very badly.. although because I am a bit behind I won't be able to splurge on anything like that most likely. I'm going to try to do my posts earlier in the day so they make more sense and are less rushed, I am busy with school.

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Debbie said...

Hi! Followed your blog from Steve's. I just moved countries so I'm feeling the pinch in my wallet too.

I do have a few recommendations, especially if you are getting sick of hot dogs. We shop here at a farmer's market (a cheap one, not a gourmet one), and we purchase a lot of veggies that I like. (And there's free samples there sometimes.)

Ramen noodles and hot dogs aren't really good for you, and if you eat that all month you'll be like that guy on Supersize Me.

If you check out the prices, you'll find that veggies are a lot cheaper than hot dogs, which are cheaper than real meat. Save your meat for once or twice a week, because that will help you cut back. I love meat, myself, but I can't afford it every day.

And cook at home, and pack your lunch. Don't eat in restaurants anymore. Spaghetti and pasta is usually a good option, look for recipes with less meat and more tomatoes or red peppers or other chunky veggies in the sauce.

Apples and oranges can fill you up or make a nice breakfast or evening snack. And they're cheaper and healthier than chips or cookies!

good luck! Hope it goes well